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This fully guided tour gives you an overall view of our historic and modern city. You will visit the main Tirana Boulevard structured as the main axes of the city.

The tour starts in the main square “Scanderbeg” situated in the centre of the radial system of Tirana city. Around it, the mains administrative buildings, the Opera, the Historic Museum, the Ministries, and the Central Bank of Albania, present a diverse and varied architecture of the XX century modernity. Following the Grand Boulevard, it allows you to walk by the main administrative buildings, the main Art Gallery,  the Dajti Hotel, the Seat of Government, the Presidency, and the Congresses Palace. The tour ends in the “Mather Tereza” Square in the final south extremity of the boulevard, permitting you to admire the monumental complex erected at the beginning of XX century, as a fine example of Italian rationalist architecture in Albania.

Voluntary you can visit the National Historic Museum or the old Mosque of the XVIII century.

Registration at the desk of Secretariat of IFAU-2019 on  21 – 22 November 2019