In order to achieve the stated benefits of the Forum, the authors and the participants need to register.

Registration Form


IFAU 2019 – International Forum on Architecture and Urbanism- Modernization and Globalization,  offers the following conditions for participation (each fee is valid for one person):

Paper Presentations

Senior  before July 28th, 2019                                                          Euro 150

Junior  before July 28th, 2019                                                          Euro 100

Senior  September 20th, 2019                                                          Euro 250

Junior  September 20th, 2019                                                          Euro 150

Poster Presentations (open also to students)                                                      

Senior  before July 28th, 2019                                                          Euro 100

Junior  before July 28th, 2019                                                          Euro 80

Senior  September 20th, 2019                                                           Euro 150

Junior  September 20th, 2019                                                           Euro 100

Students                                                                                            No fee

Note: All bank charges MUST be paid by the payer

If the paper is presented at the forum by one author, the others are welcomed to the conference under the accompanying person fee.

The participation fee includes:

  • Access to the conference and all parallel sessions

  • Full electronic proceedings with catalogue

  • Buffets  and coffee breaks during the conference

  • The conference fee does not include accommodation payment.

For the first 5 Ph.D., students whose papers are accepted for the conference will be allowed to participate without conference fee.


 Wednesday, 21st November 2019

20.00   Official Dinner

Registration at the desk of Secretariat of IFAU-2019 on  21 December 2019

The official dinner cost 25 EUR per person

If you would like your abstract to be included in conference proceedings, please pay the fee not later than June 28th, 2019 for early birds participants and  September 20th, 2019 for ordinary participants 



Payment Fee for International participants:

IFAU 2019 – 3rd International Forum on Architecture and Urbanism

Beneficiary Institution:


Bank:                                     CREDINS BANK   

SWIFT:                                   CDISALTR

IBAN:                                      AL 32 2121 1016 0000 0000 0058 9007

Account Number:                 589007           

VAT number:                         L32203451O

Institutional code:                1011168

Fee conference code:          7110105

Payment Fee for Albanian participants:

Please download: FATURA E PAGESES _ IFAU 2017