Marco Casamonti_by Alexander Dobrovodský

Prof. Arch. Marco Casamonti

Marco Casamonti graduated in 1990 from the University of Florence, and in 2001 became Ordinary Professor in Architectural and Urban Design at the Architecture Faculty of the University of Genoa. He carried out intensive research and critical analysis on architecture themes, publishing essays and papers and holding conferences and lectures. Since 1997, he has been the editor-in-chief of the international architecture magazine Area published by Tecniche Nuove Group. In 1988, he founded Studio Archea together with Laura Andreini and Giovanni Polazzi, to whom was added Silvia Fabi in 1999.

Founded in 1988 by Laura Andreini, Marco Casamonti and Giovanni Polazzi, to whom was added Silvia Fabi in 1999, Archea is now a network about 120 architects coming from different regions and worldwide universities who operate from the six different offices in Florence, Milan, Rome, Beijing, Dubai and São Paulo. The group’s interests and research activities range from landscapes to cities, from buildings to design, and despite being focussed on architecture, the projects cover graphics and publishing, exhibitions and events. The complementarity and scaling from assessment to building site allows integrated operations which are able to intervene in the different types of components of the projects.

In addition to their research in the field of design, each founding partner has a parallel activity at the Architecture faculties of Florence and Genoa. The most important projects include: the Public Library in Nembro (Bergamo); the new Cantina Antinori in San Casciano Val di Pesa (Florence); the UBPA B3-2 Pavilion at World Expo 2010; GEL, Green Energy Laboratory, in Shanghai, the enlargement and renovation of the Perfetti Van Melle site in Lainate near Milan, the CDD Center for Disabilities in Seregno (Milan), the Yanqing Expo Grape near Beijing, the Li Ling World Ceramic Art City in China, the Colle Loreto residential complex in Lugano, Switzerland and the renovation and transformation of the former Magazzino Vini in Trieste where Eataly is hosted. Under construction among others, are the Forevregreen Tower and the Albanian Stadium of soccer game both in Tirana, Albania; Changri-La Winery in Penglai (China).


Henrich Hasse


Professor, Hochschule  Anhalt, Abbot Bernburg, Germany

German scientist, architect BDA, city planner, tourism expert and expert for urban waterfront planning and marina design, nautical tourism and amphibic/floating structures. Since 1993 full Professor at the University of Anhalt, Abbot Bernburg, Germany. Chairman of the research group of nautical tourism. He has been Visiting Professor at the Politecnico di Milano, the University of Pescara, and University La Sapienza, Roma.

He authored different publication like “TourismusArchitektur München 2017”; “Neue Wege für künftigen Hochwasserschutz, in: Stadt und Gemeinde, Heft 7/8 2013 Bonn 2013”; “Stadt am Wasser, Neue Chancen für Kommunen und Tourismus, Frankfurt/M. 2005”; “Wassertourismus, Handbuch und Leitfaden zur Entwicklung wassertouristischer Angebote, Gerlingen 20112″; ” StadtWasser Wasserkonzepte für die Stadtgestaltung, Stuttgart 2010″. Professor Haass is President and CEO of DEUTSCHE MARINA CONSULT, Hannover/Germany, Expert and Vicepresident of  Internationale Bootsexpertene.V, Chair of PIANC WG 183. Research interests: water-oriented urban development, Tourism architecture Urban Design.



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