In 1951, the Higher Polytechnic Institute was established. This date marks also the beginning of higher education in Albania. At that period, the structure of the Higher Polytechnic Institute consisted in three directions: Civil, Mechanical and Electrical engineering. In 1957 the Institute turned into the University of Tirana where there was set up the Faculty of Engineering which included even the Civil Engineering Major. Initially, students of this program received the title Engineer and later that of Engineer – Architect. The first studies in architecture began in 1969 when the first 20 students were admitted after participating in an entry competition. They were the first generation of architects graduating in 1974. The Faculty of Civil Engineering was established in the University of Tirana in 1983 and the Branch of Architecture was part of it. Afterwards, in 1984 urban studies sector was separated from architecture. In 1993 it was founded the Department of Architecture and Urbanism, which was operational until early 2013. Finally, in January 2013, by Order of the Minister of Education and Science no. 28, date 31.01.2013 “On opening the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the Polytechnic University of Tirana”, the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism was established.