The Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism is the newest entity of the Polytechnic University of Tirana, which is continuing the many-year-long tradition of training architects and urban design specialists. After the separation from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, this entity has acquired the status of a Faculty by representing at best the precious experience of the Polytechnic University of Tirana in the formation of highly qualified new generations of professionals.
FAU’s public mission is a success story and it is based on the trust and reputation built over the years as the largest and most experienced entity in the fields of architecture and urbanism in Albania.

The specialists graduated in FAU have designed and implemented the country’s most important works, studies and projects in architecture and planning.



FAU’s vision is to provide leading standards in educating young designers in the fields of architecture and urbanism, with accredited programs both inside and outside the country through the use of its capacity and many years’ experience to guide students in acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills for a successful and creative career.


FAU’s mission is to develop a special curriculum according to European standards and the Bologna Charter, to provide an interdisciplinary education in Architecture and Urbanism for the community of students of all Albanian-speaking territories, to educate and teach future architects and designers as innovative, creative, sensitive professionals, responsive to the environment, equipped with good thinking skills and knowledge of contemporary technologies that can share and apply the knowledge among them and with other disciplines and that are opened towards the new possibilities of collaboration in the academic and professional level.

FAU’s mission is based on the cultivation and imparting of knowledge through scientific research. This is a  public mission that aims at educating the new generations of architects and urban designers with scientific orientation and high professional and civic ethics.


  • To enable continuous training in three levels of education, to train high specialist and prepare young scientists in the fields of architecture and urban studies
  • To enable the deepening of knowledge gained in the five-year integrated study program and doctoral studies through specialized programs.
  • To enable the development of values ​​of mutual respect, cooperation and communication, creativity and innovation, community service and leadership, achievement, and responsibility towards the community.
  • To contribute to the raising of standards of living and urban development and to prepare young people for the new challenges of national and social development.