The increasing urbanization in the Cities in Transition coupled with other globally critical issues such as environmental pollution, energy consumption, and resources shortage are resulting in major urban crises in many parts of the world. A strong emphasis nowadays is placed upon improving the sustainability of the urban environment. This is attributed to the growing public awareness of the importance of “sustainable development” practices, which also enhances quality of life. Municipality governance and the construction industry in the cities are confronted by the push for sustainability. A fresh and holistic approach to designing, constructing and managing the built environment addressing building and the spatial environment of the Cities in Transition is required. New sets of regulatory practices, indicators, measurements, and priorities are emerging with application at all scales – from individual buildings to the district and city-scale level.


Urban Planning & Urban Design for Sustainability

  • Urban sustainability and the move to low carbon development
  • Integrating of Renewable Energy Sources for Urban development
  • Eco-Design and Eco-Friendly Development –
  • Eco-System and Biodiversity
  • Transit-Oriented Development: Health and Walkability
  • Emergent Urban Patterns
  • Retrofitting the Existing City
  • Green Development and Construction Systems
  • Sustainable Housing and Compact Urban Neighborhoods
  • Traditional Neighborhoods Design/Neotraditional Design
  • Eco-Mobility: Sustainability in Transport
  • Innovative Waste Management Concepts
  • Landscape Architecture, Productive Urban Landscape and Urban Farming

Design for Sustainability – Low Energy Architecture

  • Low Cost Building – Design with Nature
  • Sustainable Construction Materials, Systems & Technologies
  • Smart and Bioclimatic Architecture
  • Building Envelopes and Innovative Façade Systems
  • Sustainable Vernacular Architecture
  • Ecological, Social and Cultural Sensitivity – Sustainable Urban Design
  • Sustainable Design and Human Behavior: Changing Lifestyles
  • Sustainable Renovation and Restoration
  • Adaptive Re-use and Brownfield Development
  • Cultural Heritage and Eco-Tourism
  • Zero-Carbon & Low Energy Housing and Mixed-use Development – Green Building (case studies)

Climate Change Versus Sustainability 

  • Climate Change Impact on the built environment
  • City, Community and Building for Resilience
  • preparing for the carbon and climate crunch
  • Sustainability Opportunities and challenges
  • Theory and Principles of Eco-City, Philosophy in Practice
  • Energy Use and Management – International Organizations, Initiatives, and Standards on Sustainability