Summer Workshops – W.a.Ve. 2018 abroad of the University of Venice (IUAV)

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  “Continuously and fatally, the environment formed by small buildings, old buildings, past homes care for memories, colors, from scratched plaster, collapses, alters, changes, transforms into something else. […] So, cities change under our eyes”.

                                                                                               Aldo Rossi, 1968

WAVE 2018 Abroad

Case Study: Gjirokastra (AL)

 The product of the study will be the Design of the “Historical City”, which is thought to be located within and the surroundings of the Historical Centre and Protected Zone. The main purpose of its design is to transform the Bazaar into a pedestrianized area, accessible by the community and visitors. The study aims at improving the mobility in the Historical Centre and Bazaar area, as well as making out of it again an economic center attractive for businesses and other activities. The participating students are expected to provide integrated design proposals and innovative solutions that will preserve the historical and cultural identity of the area while facilitating mobility, accessibility within and outside of it.

The studio is working to identify alternative solutions and enrich architecture and planning by thinking beyond the typical planning framework. In this context, we stimulate and support the participation and collaboration of different interested groups of international and local students who will work closely together. We believe this team-based collaboration will improve the way projects and researches are informed with all the appropriate local knowledge as well as an international level of design standards. Moreover, we want to think about the workshop as co-creative processes, where students, designers and local actors are involved in an interactive process.


  WAVE 2018 Abroad

Team Members Tirana (IUAV)

 Professor: Andreas Faoro

Tutor: Marlinda Tafaj

Team Members Tirana (FAU)

 Professor: Florian Nepravishta (Preside FAU)

Tutor: Ph.D. Julian Veleshnja

With the participation of  FAU lecturers:

Dr. Denada Veizaj

Dr. Etleva Bushati

Dr. Ledita Mezini

Dr. Loreta Capeli

With the participation of external experts:

Ph.D. Frederica Pompejano

Arch. Kreshnik Merxhani

Arch. Marsela Plyku

Arch. Nada Ibrahimi



The registration procedure for admission to Summer Workshops – W.a.Ve. 2018 of the IUAV University of Venice for FAU students.

The places available are 5 – 20 Master students (4, 5 years), reserved for architecture and urban students enrolled at FAU. The workshop takes place at FAU, UPT in Tirane and Gjirokastra city, from 25 June to 13 July 2018 and ends with an exhibition of student work.

With intensive courses held at FAU, the student is offered the opportunity to undertake a time-focused and strongly targeted design experience with respect to the in-depth training objectives.

Frequency is compulsory.

Registration procedure

The application must be made from June 11 – 20, 2018 by joining the FAU website at:

Any student interested in participating in the selection will have to:

a) Fill in the WAVE_Workshop 2018_students registration form and email it to  by June 20, 2018.

b) Register to the FAU secretary.

6 academic credits will be assigned to the candidates who will proficiently take part to the workshop’s activities and pass the final exam (comprehensive of the attendance to the workshop and of a subsequent week for the exhibition of its results).

For more information:

FAU Secretary Service