There are a total of 22 (twenty two) Erasmus+ KA107 scholarships for students from PUT-Tirana that would like to go to UPC. The distribution by levels is the following one:

– until 8 grants for students of Bachelor level;
– until 8 grants for students of Master level;
– until 6 grants for students of Doctorate level.

All the scholarships will be offered now to make exchange stays of a length of 5 (five) months, during the next semester. It is, for the spring semester 2016-2017, from February to June. (The stays of the students would start in the very first days of February and would end in June.)

 PUT contact person

Elfrida SHEHU, PhD

Associate Professor

Vice Rector

Polytechnic University of Tirana

“Nene Tereza” Square No.4, Tirana, Albania